What is the advised age for children?

Our bouncing castles are unless mentioned differently appropriate for children age 2 till 14 year’s old.

Do babies need a ticket?

Kids below 2 years old do not need to pay.

Do parents or supervisor need to have a ticket themselves?

Kids age 15, adults & supervisors do not need to buy a ticket.

Why do we charge a ticket fee?

Because the large amount of requests for tickets it was too difficult to do this administration ourselves therefore we are now working together with a partner on this.

Can you buy tickets at the entrance?

Tickets at the entrance are only available when there is space left. Most of the time our events are sold out in the afternoon. When you do not have a ticket and still want to come we advise you to come as early as possible or after 16:00 hours. We try to update the status via our Facebook status.

How long can I stay with my ticket?

You can stay as long as you want (till closing time).

Can I go outside and back inside with my ticket?

Yes this is allowed.

Do I need to print my ticket?

You can print the ticket or show it on your cell phone or tablet.

What is a combi ticket?

A combi ticket can be used for 1 child for all days of the event.

Why are some events cheaper than others?

Sometimes we are cooperating with local governments or instances. This allows us to lower the price.

Can I buy tickets in advance nearby me?

We only work with online presales for now.

Who is responsible for supervising the children?

The parents & supervisors are responsible for their kids. We are not responsible for any accident. Not sticking to the rules can lead to be banned from the event.

Is someone supervising each attraction?

No we do not we only supervise the exit and the practical use of the bouncing castles.

Are there age zones?

We try to build a zone for age -6. Checking if these rules are respected is for the supervising adults.

What can you buy on the events?

It depends from the event but we try to provide a decent amount of drinks and snacks.

What are the prices?

The standard prise for a drink is 2 € but is also dependable from each individual event.

Can we bring our own food or drinks?

It’s not allowed to bring your own food or drinks.

Is there a possibility to heat a baby meal?

There is a microwave available.

Is there any group discount?

Yes on most events. Info can be requested via our contact form.

How do I organise a birthday party?

We have different formulas at each location. Contact us for more information about your location.

Do I buy online tickets for my group?

It’s best to contact us for group tickets.